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virtual reality vr disrupting healthcare

5 Ways Virtual Reality is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry in many Unexpected Ways   Unexpected, because whenever VR is mentioned, entertainment and games are what comes to mind for most people. However, VR has positively changed the lives of many people suffering from several medical conditions,

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vr virtual reality fitness

Why Your Next Workout May Take Place in Virtual Reality

Companies Are Making Fitness Fun Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology   Virtual Reality is already poised to play a major role in the treatment of illnesses. Surgeons are using it as a revolutionary training tool. Veterans suffering from PTSD benefit from VR-based exposure therapy. VR

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virtual reality vr pain management

Will Virtual Reality Replace Painkillers?

Straight Answer: Yes. Virtual Reality is Bound for Takeoff   After successfully live streaming a colon cancer surgery performed with VR technology at the Royal London hospital in 2016, lead surgeon Dr. Shafi Ahmed concluded: “I believe that VR can revolutionize surgical education and training, particularly

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virtual reality psychosis

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Life of Patients with Psychosis

Researchers Have Found That Virtual Reality-Based Exposure Therapy Offers Surprising Benefits for People Suffering from Psychosis   Patients suffering from psychotic disorders often struggle with feelings of paranoia or anxiety, especially in crowded environments, where they’re surrounded by other people. This makes it difficult to

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Virtual Reality Physical Therapy

Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy 101

 Why VR is Bound to Revolutionize Physical Therapy Many of us, at one point or another in our lives, have been involved in accidents that end up causing extensive physical damage, rendering the normal functioning of the body hard or nigh impossible. It could’ve been

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Virtual Reality: The Key to PTSD Recovery in Combat Vets?

Is Virtual Reality the Key to PTSD Recovery in Combat Vets?

Evidence Shows Virtual Reality Tech Helps Vets with PTSD Recovery When Other Methods Fail   Military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often experience severe anxiety when exposed to images, sounds, or other stimuli that trigger memories of combat. That’s why exposure therapy is

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