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Medical Virtual Reality

By ict.usc.edu The MedVR Lab at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies is devoted to the study and advancement of uses of virtual reality (VR) simulation technology for clinical purposes. In diverse fields including psychology, medicine, neuroscience and physical and occupational therapy,

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Virtual reality training improves balance function

Virtual reality is a new technology that simulates a three-dimensional virtual world on a computer and enables the generation of visual, audio, and haptic feedback for the full immersion of users. Users can interact with and observe objects in three-dimensional visual space without limitation. At

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VR Solutions for Improving Physical Therapy

We present new solutions based on Virtual Reality technologies for improving the delivery of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Three main aspects are addressed: 1) the ability to allow therapists to create new exercises and therapy programs intuitively by direct demonstration, 2) automatic therapy delivery and monitoring with the use of

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Motor rehabilitation using virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) provides a unique medium suited to the achievement of several requirements for effective rehabilitation intervention. Specifically, therapy can be provided within a functional, purposeful and motivating context. Many VR applications present opportunities for individuals to participate in experiences, which are engaging and

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