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Coordination disorder treatment. Helps patients improve or regain
their visual-motor coordination skills.


Release date: Q1 2018

VRCoordi is intended for aiding people of any age to improve and recover their coordination skills, thereby helping them to reintegrate these skills into their daily routine. The software is geared toward patients suffering from Parkinson’s or recovering from a brain injury; children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD); and various levels of autism.

Our product will provide a three-dimensional environment in which visual balance challenges would be presented and that would measure and quantify such performance. The product will deliver an engaging movement practice to help a person approach his or her peak performance.

–  1M of Americans face Parkinson’s.¹
–  5 to 6% of school-age children are affected by Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).
3.5M people face various levels of autism.²
1.7M of patients are recovering from a brain injury.