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Pain management. Diverts attention away from the pain,
lowering consumption of pain medications.


Release date: 2018

VRReliever is a VR platform for managing chronic and severe pain, by distracting patients, drawing their attention towards fun activities, and reducing the need and frequency of pain-killers. VR Reliever addresses nociceptive pain – sharp, aching, or throbbing pain, due to cancer, or burn injuries, as well as neuropathic pain – burning pain due to nutritional imbalance, alcoholism, toxins, infections, cancer, autoimmunity, or nerve numbness.

Being one of the most researched areas, it has been scientifically demonstrated that VR is a suitable solution for management of nociceptive and neuropathic pain. VR software has also been used to help patients manage pain by creating distractions in their environment.

–  50M of American adults have significant chronic and severe pain.¹
–  486,000 patients suffer pain caused by burn injuries, of which 250,000 are children.²,³