The Worl’s First VR Healthcare Company.



About Us

What we do

Improving lives by harnessing new technologies to Redefine Therapy.


How we do it

VRHealth develops breakthrough certified medical solutions using Virtual Reality (VR) environments to deliver real-time data analytics that benefits patients, clinicians and healthcare providers, at clinics and at home.

All our products leverage VR for enhancing rehabilitation via immersive experience and provide meaningful analytics: VRPhysio™ – Physical Rehabilitation & Evaluation Platform, VRCogni™ – Cognitive Rehabilitation & Evaluation Platform and Customized VR Medical Solutions tailored to different medical needs.

VRHealth is already attracting worldwide interest, following our participation in several technology conferences and healthcare tradeshows in the U.S., Singapore, and Australia, as well as interviews with local and international news and social media platforms.

We have recently begun to collaborate with world-renowned hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the U.S., such as Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – both in Boston, MA.