The Worl’s First VR Healthcare Company.



VRHealth Group


What we do

Improving lives by harnessing new technologies to Redefine Therapy.



How we do it

VRHealth creates Medical & Wellness Applications using VR/AR technology.

The VRHealth Platform collects and analyzes user interactions with virtual objects and environments by using AI cloud computing algorithms we deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home, where users can analyze and quantify performance through a digital experience.

VRHealth is the first certified virtual reality medical company in the world and all its Medical Applications are FDA authorized. Our products focus on motor cognitive, physical, psychological, postural ability and pain assessment and treatment.

VRHealth specializes in developing medical tools and content while delivering real-time analytics. With our professional knowledge, expertise and experience, we can provide a wide range of VR/AR solutions for any company, tailored exclusively for its characteristics and target market needs, leveraging groundbreaking technology for enhancing rehabilitation via immersive experiences and meaningful analytics.