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For the past few months, I have been working with a company called VRPhysio. They are a data driven health company but specifically focusing on rehabilitation health using a virtual reality device. They are part of the Microsoft for Startups program called BizSpark and are able to take advantage of software and services along with other cool collaboration opportunities like the one that presented itself a few weeks ago.

At our New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge MA, the VRPhysio team set up shop for an all day user testing and feedback event for Microsoft and its employees. The goal was to not only to introduce the product but to gain valuable insights from employees who work at a desk for long hours. As you can imagine, the strain on the neck and back can be tough at times and difficult to treat without a physician present. VRPhysio brings the treatment to the office by providing virtual reality exercises to be performed during the course of the day. The data that is gathered can be analyzed for user specific treatment options at a later date.

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